The story of Quartiere (Italian for neighborhood) begins with me growing up in the Midwest. Every town had two or three local red sauce joints with traditional, what they call traditional Italian food. After over 20 years working in the restaurant industry I learned that wasn’t necessarily traditional Italian food but it’s definitely what we knew as Italian comfort food. My six-year-old daughter and I walked into what was Riazzi’s and she absolutely loved it. Riazzi’s reminded me of the Midwest where I grew up it feels comfortable and familiar. Good quality food with much attention to the people and what they wanted. When I learned when I learned that Riazzi was going to retire I wanted to make sure that we kept that neighborhood local red sauce joint alive. We made some changes but we hope to keep some traditional Italian food going and have some modern Italian as well. Let’s be honest, times have changed this is not our grandmother’s kitchen anymore, but we always want to honor where are roots have come from. We have access to some new ingredients from all over Italy lets embrace the new, the old, our family and neighbors.

The Geryol Family

In case your wondering it is not an Italian name, it’s Polish. The Moretti family our family thru marriage basically taught every pizza cook in Lake County how to make Italian food. Look up the “Quonset”